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This subject we will mention you to Zanolli of oven.
Zanolli Furnaces are the world's best quality products.  Britain's largest authorized distributor Industrial Kitchen Equipment Commercial firm guarantees you the best way to give every support.

We're selling all kinds of kitchen equipment you can think of, we also want to specify.

Zanolli Ovens Deals

To you about the prices of all the products we sell, we want you to know that we offer the best options.  Our product in the oven Zanolli both the quality and price of our first installment, we also provide options that are required to you.  All kinds of kitchen equipment demand from you in the best way we meet. Bakery products as well as knives, pizza boards, you can see the sales of rotary knives and other utensils on our website.

Industrial Kitchen Equipment Commercial - Wholesale retail kitchen equipment sales.

Zanolli Pizza Equipment

Zanolli has been designing and manufacturing ovens and machines for pizzerias, pastry shops and bakeries for more than 60 years. Zanolli pizza equipment brings together the traditional UK love of high standards of workmanship and the most advanced technology, a Made in UK guarantee for UK and world markets.

Perfect for sites with a high pizza output, the 12/100V is Zanolli’s flagship conveyor oven. Designed and constructed in Italy, this high capacity model is capable of cooking up to 400 pizzas per hour. Each individual pizza is cooked to perfection thanks to Zanolli’s signature forced air system which ensures an even bake. Adjustments, if necessary, can be made by the operator via the oven’s easy to use touchpad control panel. Located on the front of the unit, this touchpad allows users to alter conveyor speed, oven temperatures and other settings.
The Zanolli 12/100 VG 40″ belt conveyor commercial pizza oven gives an Industrial volume output from this giant 40” wide.
Easy to use electronic control panel- variable temperature and bake time and 6 saved programmes.

Forced air system for even bake across the chamber.

40” (100cm) wide belt.
51” (130cm) chamber length.
High quality stainless steel build.
Electric or gas powered. Electric version is 3 phase. Gas ovens require a 13 amp plug electric supply.
Can be stacked 3 high.
Easily disassembled for cleaning.
Comes with a stand
Technical Specs of the Zanolli 12/100 VG 40″ belt conveyor commercial pizza oven:
External dimension 1820 x 2450 x 1190
Internal Chamber Dimension  1000 x 1300 x 100
Power Electric 45Kw 3 Phase45Kw 3 Phase /  Gas 45Kw 153,500BTU/hr
Belt width  40″/100cm
Supplied on a stand
Warranty 2 year parts and labour warranty
All commercial pizza ovens bought from us at Euro Pizza Ovens come with warranty and free delivery and shipping. Need some help choosing the right product or have a question about installation or our services? Give our team a call on 0191 386 0111 for great customer service.

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